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About us

J CORP Investment LLC is a private company , established in 2006, with a diversified portfolio of local and international investments that creates long-term value for its stakeholders. Our company operates in many different sectors, including capital markets, medical equipment, technology and FINTECH, hospitality, financial services, and luxury and collectible items. J CORP is exponentially rooted into Dubai’s economy as its home country. In terms of innovation development, Dubai continues to maintain a strong global position. As an organisation, we value our management team's extensive knowledge and expertise to improve our projects and ideas for our partners. The company specialises in selecting investment opportunities, both globally and regionally. J CORP has an established track record of outperforming in this area. Moreover, we believe that deploying the required capital across a wide range of industries and geographies is essential to benefit our stakeholders.

Our Investment Philosophy​

In order to find investment opportunities, we conduct rigorous research and analysis. As a company, we have always aimed to identify and nurture high growth ideas and to hand hold them to success and help them become a reality. With years of investment experience, our team is well suited and positioned to identify and evaluate investment opportunities. We strongly believe that the real skills are learned through experience, so we have carefully selected our team from diverse backgrounds to bring the required expertise and domain knowledge for truly understanding the business and new projects. To gather perspectives on various projects, our team works closely with international consultants and analysts. Bringing a holistic approach to evaluating the opportunity for our clients. For each proposed investment, we create a risk parameter to ensure a balance of investments with low, medium, and high risks. Investments are restructured if necessary based on the risk parameters evaluated periodically. We do not invest more than 25% of our corpus in any particular sector.


Heart of the Investment World

The last two decades have seen Dubai outperform nearly all cities globally and it has made itself into a premier investment and residency destination. Due to a strong sense of security and stability, Dubai is highly sought-after as a place for people to establish a base. Companies from all over the world have established a presence in Dubai, giving testament to the services and benefits provided by the government to entrepreneurs and investors. Tax-free regimes coupled with a friendly business environment encourage companies to establish offices within the country. People in Dubai enjoy a high level of confidence due to Dubai's strong and committed vision.​